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Environmental Oil Recovery is currently picking up, used oil, dirty oil filters and antifreeze for recycling from the following type of establishments:

  • Car & Truck Dealers Shops & Recyclers
  • Quick Lubes & small to large Repair Shops
  • Agriculture Industry including Farm Operations
  • Tire Shops, Muffler Shops & Parts Stores
  • Oil Retailers & Wholesalers, Factories
  • Municipal Fleets & Transfer or Recycling Stations
  • Plumbing & Heating, Refrigeration Operators
  • Transportation and Construction Industries
  • Private & Public Utilities, and anyone generating
  • Used Oil or Oil Filters or Anti-Freeze in bulk quantities

We also offer pit cleanout jobs, disposal of non-hazardous water/oil mixtures, parts washer services, and sludge disposal.

Recycling is not a new concept. In fact, scientists believe that recycling may have begun when a stone age hunter splintered his flint axe and realized it would make great arrowheads. Today the industry of recycling is international. It is responsible for collecting, sorting, processing, and marketing a large range of materials. It is estimated that an excess $160 billion is the turnover, a third of what is traded internationally.